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               Mission Statement:

  • To amplify outreach efforts of Catholic and Protestant congregations-as we seek to fulfill our mutually historic missions of care for people in crisis.
  • To compassionately address the spiritual, mental, religious and emotional challenges of each client.
  • To respect and utilize the unique spiritual, psychodynamic and theological belief and faith systems of each client.



Ruah Counseling Centers Inc. is a 501(C) (3) eccuminical Christian organization exists to extend the reach of Catholic and Protestant congregations as we seek to fulfill our historic mission of caring for people in crisis.

Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc. Provides the highest quality professional  counseling and psychotherapy services to Christian Congregations at affordable costs. We welcome all clients; regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

We are informed by the wisdom of our christian traditions as well as the insights of the behavioral sciences in our understanding of therapeutic approachs.

We help those with profound faith commitments and those who are in the process of decernment.  We are ”seeker friendly”- we do NOT proselytize!  We recognize the power of faith commitments in the shaping of self-understanding, of relationships with others, and of ones emotional health. We encourage our clients to make use of their faith commitments as a resource for their own healing and growth.

Grace and Peace
Rev. Harold Bone PhD
Executive Director.