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We invite you to join us as a Partner in Mission. When you support Ru’ah Counseling Centers Inc. through your prayers purchases and donations, you are us fulfill our mission:

to extend the reach of Christian Congregations, Catholic and Protestant, as we seek to fulfill our historic mission of caring for the hearts, souls and minds of persons in crisis.”

Furthermore, your support allows us to respond to the unmet psychological and spiritual needs our society and world—especially the needs of the unchurched, poor, marginalized and vulnerable. Your purchases help nurture clinical relationships that offer healing and courage to a broken world. 

Ru’ah Counseling Centers Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible according to IRS regulations. Consult your tax professional for further information. Finances for Ru’ah Counseling Centers Inc. is overseen by the Board of Directors.


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Here are some other ways you can give  

Gifts – simple and straightforward; make checks payable to Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc., Inc. or charge it on your credit or debit card. Please provide the number of the card, account number and expiration date.  

Gifts of Appreciated, Marketable Stocks and Securities – including closely held securities; ask Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc. or your accountant about the tax-savings benefits of this approach.  

Planned Gifts – including wills and trusts, annuities and life insurance; planned gifts provide flexible, beneficial options and we invite donors to contact The Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc. office to discuss them.  

Memorial Gifts – often with the unfortunate death of a friend or family, you may be looking for ways to honor your loved one by giving back to the community. Write us and we will provide you with envelopes for your guests at the funeral home.  

Matching Gifts – donors are requested to ask employers if there is a program in place that will match a personal contribution to Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc.. You will receive donor recognition for the combined total of the two gifts. Thousands of companies nationwide participate in an employee gift-matching program, some matches are 2 for 1, or 3 for 1 matches.  

Donors may also consider adding these special dimensions to your contribution:  

  • Endowed gifts – the principle remains in perpetuity to provide investment returns that will fund Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc. for years into the future.  

  • Memorial Gifts – a gift to commemorate a relative, loved one or special friend.  

  • In Honor Gifts – gifts to honor a parent, spouse, family member or loved one, to highlight a special occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  

  • In-Kind Gifts - Ru'ah Counseling Centers Inc. is fiscally responsible and relies on in-kind donations to reduce costs.  

  • Named Gifts 

  • Endowed funds  



Grace and Peace 
Rev. Harold Bone PhD 
Executive Director.